Frozen Suckling Pig Rack

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Tabladillo's Ready to Bake range is a line of ready-to-bake products that are tasty and very easy to prepare. A cochinillo rack which is tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Quick, tasty, and without dirtying anything!

The local custom is to cut the piglet with a serving dish: this is to test, but above all to prove to the guests present, the tenderness and tenderness of the piglet.

Chef's Advice
Do not remove the product from the bag and cook it directly in its sealed bag.
Heat the oven to 200°C, meanwhile let the product rest at room temperature. Place the product in the oven and use the upper and lower heating elements, letting it cook for 2 hours while keeping the rind facing up. When cooked, remove it from the oven, pierce the bag to let the steam escape carefully, drain and serve.

What makes Segovian Cochinillo special?

The suckling pig, also known as the Cochinillo, is carefully monitored during all stages of its life: it already starts with its mother, who is healthy, fit and ready to nurse, and its diet, which is essential because the Cochinillo feeds only on its mother's milk.

Another important aspect is the habitat in which mother and child live: it is essential for an excellent quality product that they can be serene and live stress-free. All these factors mean that the only true Cochinillo de Segovia has a very clear, almost white rind and a slightly pinkish meat with unmistakable tenderness. A key characteristic is therefore the internal fat, but especially the external fat, which once cooked will be crispy and amber in color.

Segovia, SPAIN


Segovia Piglet Rack


Vacuum-packed, approximately 1,5 kg, frozen

The Company
Tabladillo, for more than 50 years, has raised and purchased only local piglets from the province of Segovia and has made this delicacy famous throughout the world. Founded in 1967 by Laureano Maria, the company became the province's benchmark for Segovia breeders. All Tabadillo piglets are fed 100% naturally, resulting in a totally healthy product. All facilities are equipped with the latest technology in food production, with total respect for hygienic conditions, in order to offer the highest guarantees in food safety.

Ingredients: suckling pig meat

Origin: Spain

Net weight: 1,5 kg approx.

Mode of storage: store at -18°C

Business name and address: Carnicas Tabladillo SL Paraje de los Barreros Parcela 19. Pol.1 40122 Tabladillo-Segovia Spain

Ce stamp: ES 10.21450/SG CE


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