Gentile Salami

Size 900 gr
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Gentile salami takes its name from the casing, whose main characteristic is the selection of meats used and the possibility (thanks to the fatter casing) of the long aging periods.

The use of lambrusco wine in its curing and the very low percentage of salt make the product sweet. To fully enjoy it, it must be cut, according to tradition, with a thickness equal to that of a grain of black pepper, and the cutting method to be performed is to obtain an oblique slice.

How is Gentile Salami produced?

The meat, after being minced to obtain a medium grain, is processed by adding black peppercorns, salt and flavored with chopped garlic of the highest quality filtered with wine.

Once this special mix, from which the product's distinctive flavor will originate, is obtained, the salami is stuffed into the casing known as "gentile," which is made from the rectum of the pig's intestine and is hand-tied using natural twine.




Gentile Salami


Approx. 900 gr, minimum maturation of 90 days

The Company

A small workshop in Diolo di Soragna where everything the pig has to offer is produced. The artisanal production process strictly follows the Consortium's specifications and the aging process takes place in humid and ventilated cellars, typical of the Parma lowlands, where it develops unmistakable flavors and aromas.

Ingredients: pork, salt, wine, spices, preservative E-252

Storage: store between 0° and 4°C

Average nutritional values per 100g: energy 1622kJ/ 388 kcal, fat 30.4g, of which saturated fatty acids 12.2g, carbohydrates 0.4g, of which sugars 0g, protein 28.1g, salt 4.5g.

Business name and address: Salumificio Squisito s.r.l. via Azzali 67 Diolo di Soragna (Parma)

Ce stamp: EN G5E4M CE

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