Goose Foie Gras With Gewurztraminer

Size 2 pcs x 40 g
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In practical vacuum-packed packaging, 2 slices of semi-preserved goose foie gras of 40 gr each, ideal as a single-portion to serve as an appetizer.

In this version flavored with "late harvest" Gewurztraminer it will amaze with complexity and refinement of flavors.

Chef's Advice

It is recommended to consume foie gras at the beginning of the meal when your mouth is still clean in order to fully appreciate its round and complex flavor. A serving size of 40/50 g per person is recommended. Any type of foie gras should be refrigerated several hours before serving and should be put on the table 20 minutes before serving.

It is a serious mistake to spread it on a slice of bread with a knife: to appreciate the buttery, refined taste of foie gras, you must have a fork and accompany it with a small piece of toasted bread, preferably a pan brioche or baguette.

What makes Georges Bruck foie gras special?

The raw livers come from goose or duck from small farms, raised in the traditional way in the open air with 100% natural feed (corn, grain, water), guaranteed GMO-free. This choice of small farms guarantees an intensely flavored foie gras that respects animal welfare.

Goose liver compared to duck liver foie is larger and with a firmer texture, a beautiful pinkish color when raw but turning grayish when cooked. The flavor is mild and lingers in the mouth. On the other hand, duck foie gras is more tender, a magnificent beige-orange color, and a more rustic and pronounced flavor that is immediately evident on tasting.


Strasbourg FRANCE


Goose Foie Gras Flavored with Gewurztraminer


80 g (2 pieces of 40g each)

Maison Georges BRUCK is the last and only family-owned foie gras company still existing in Strasbourg, Alsace. The quality of Georges Bruck's production is the result of long experience combined with state-of-the-art technology. Raw foie gras, after being devened, salted, and spiced, is cooked and becomes, through careful processing, the best goose foie gras in the world.


Ingredienti: fegato d’oca, vino Gewurztraminer 5% (SOLFITI), sale, spezie

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g: energia 1370kJ/ 416 kcal, grassi 41g, di cui acidi grassi saturi 17g, carboidrati 2,2g, di cui zuccheri 2,2g, proteine 8,4g, sale 1,38g

Modalità di conservazione: conservare a temperatura non superiore a 5°C

Ragione sociale e indirizzo: George Bruck Les foies gras de Strasburg BP  30139-F 67004 Strasburgo Francia

Bollo ce: FR 67.482.021 CE

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