Grilled And Marinated Crunchy Asparagus

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Delicious white asparagus lightly grilled and seasoned with oil salt and lemon-a balanced taste that gives it a spectacular flavor. It is recommended to consume them at room temperature. The key feature of this product is the texture, a very crispy texture that is unique in the market, thanks to the experience of El Navarrico. From its origins, in which Amalia and José Salced personally and artisanally packaged products from the fields of San Adrián.

El Navarrico's vision has always been to bring the "purest possible" products to the consumer while respecting the rhythms of the seasons and using the best preservation systems. Today, the third generation of maintains the same entrepreneurial spirit of their grandparents and with the awareness of being true craftsmen of the countryside, an authentic vocation of the Salced family. Craftsmanship that also translates into the use of modern technologies in a rational manner, that is, with the sole objective of improving production and logistical processes, to continue bringing to the table the authentic taste of the fields of Navarre.

A gourmet vegetable preserve where the color and flavor of the vegetables are unique and like freshly picked!


The Company

In the mid-1950s Amalia Herce and Jose Salced began producing the first tomato preserves in the basement of the family home. Many things have changed from those early years to today: more than 50 different products are processed in the company, but always keeping the spirit of the old family business intact.



Navarre SPAIN



Grilled and marinated white asparagus from Navarre                                          



310 g package



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Product name: Grilled and marinated asparagus

Ingredients: white asparagus (60%), sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, white wine and sugar

Storage: once opened store in the refrigerator and consume within 3 days

Average nutritional values per 100g: energy 509 kJ/ 123 kcal, fat 11.7g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.6g, carbohydrates 3.6g, of which sugars 1.5g, protein 0.9g, salt 0.08g

Net weight: 310g drained weight: 185g

Address and business name: : Conservas el Navarrico R.S.I. 21-559/na Spain; imported by Longino & Cardenal s.p.a., via A. Moroni 8 20010 Pogliano Milanese (MI)

Ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in BOLD

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