Hawaii Black Salt

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Hawaii, a place known for its natural beauty and cultural richness, was among the world's earliest exporters of salt, and local people are famous for the artisanal processing of this age-old raw material.

Hawaiian Black Salt is often presented as an alternative to classic sea salt, but before it goes through the drying and crystallization process like all other salts, an element is added that gives it its typical black color, namely charcoal from the volcanic earth of the Hawaiian Islands. This process gives the salt its characteristic black color and also helps to enrich it with minerals and trace elements from volcanic ash.

This salt is often used as a decorative and finishing element in dishes because of its visual impact and unique flavor. It has a crisp texture and an intense saline flavor, but less bitter than other types of black salt.

Ingredienti: Sale marino hawaiano; carbone vegetale naturale
per uso gastronomico, non aggiunto, ma naturalmente contenuto nel sale

Origine: Hawaii

Modalità di conservazione: conservare a temperatura ambiente con livelli di umidità inferiori all'80%, lontano da luce e fonti di calore

Ragione sociale e indirizzo: UOP sas Via Rocciamelone, 15 - 10040 Almese (TO)

Gli allergeni presenti tra gli ingredienti del prodotto sono evidenziati in grassetto

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