Iberian Beef Extra Premium

Size 2.5 kg approx.
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Iberico Beef "Extra Premium" Vacum is an Iberian Old Cow cured meat expertly processed from the undercut, the hind quarters of the cattle, and resembling Bresaola or Spanish Cecina in appearance. The subfesa are selected based on fat infiltration from the best Spanish Old Cows, following an exclusive process to best preserve the original flavor of the meat. Non-invasive smoking with native woods create a cured meat with a unique taste.

Chef's Advice

Open the vacuum-packed product 1 to 2 hours before the time of use, in order to let the meat oxygenate and reach room temperature, which is optimal for enjoying.

Simply slice the Iberico Beef Vacum and season it with a drizzle of Italian Evo oil to enhance its slightly smoky flavor.


Leon/Valencia SPAIN


Spanish Old Cow Cured Sausage


Vacuum-packed, not pre-sliced, in approximately 2/2.5kg package, fresh   

The company

José Rosell, founder and owner of "Vacum Luxury Meats," specializes in selecting the best Iberian cattle by feed, grazing area and fat infiltration. 
The Casina (Old Cow), unlike the Rubia Gallega (native to Galicia), grazes freely in northern Spain feeding on grass in mild seasons and cereals and hay during winter.
It is the maturation that makes the difference: cell ventilation management, knowledge of hygrometry and temperature correction are the added value of "Vacum Luxury Meats," thanks to the use of noble molds that develop unique flavors.

Ingredients: beef, salt, beef fat. Smoked with wood

Net weight: 2000g

Storage: store in a cool, dry place

Average nutritional values per 100g: energy 1143 kJ/ 274 kcal, fat 19g, of which saturated fatty acids 9.1g, carbohydrates 0.5g, of which sugars 0.5g, protein 27g, salt 3.3g.

Business name and address: Vacum Carnes de lujo s.l., Pol. Ind. Masia del Conde, Calle 6 s/n, 46393 Loriguilla Spain

Bollo ce: ES 10.03849/LE CE or ES 10.02568/LE CE 

Ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in BOLD

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