Mango Nectar

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Mango Nectar is a tasty creation which is perfectly faithful to the aromatic power of the fruit. Its texture is soft and velvety and its taste is gourmet and balanced. A tasting of exotic, fragrant and delicate flavors.

Ideal to drink with a healthy but tasty snack such as coconut chips.

What makes Patrick Font juices special?

They are artisanal products and fresh fruits from the most amazing lands of the world: the credit goes to the raw material, which is selected and purchased only at the ideal point of ripeness. The seasonality of the harvests and the rules of traditional agriculture are followed with respect for sustainability, fruit and vegetable varieties and the terroir where the fruit grows and is perfected, without the invasive intervention of human beings. 

Raw Material Origin



Mango Nectar


glass bottle - 25 cl

Patrick Font was born in 1960 into a farming family near Lyon, an exceptional area for growing vegetables and fruit thanks to their strategic location always exposed to the sun. After his university studies in Paris, the call to the land was so strong that in 1986 he returned to take care of the family company and in 1993 decided to launch himself exclusively in the production of fruit juices and nectars in St Romain en Jarez. Font consolidates in France and abroad until winning in 2018, the Best Artisan Company of France award.

Ingredienti: acqua, purea di mango biologico (42%), zucchero biologico, acidificante: acido citrico, antiossidante: acido ascorbico

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100ml: energia 275 kJ/ 65 kcal, grassi <0,5g, di cui acidi grassi saturi <0,1g, carboidrati 16g, di cui zuccheri 15g, proteine <0,5g, sale <0,01g

Metodo di conservazione: conservare in un luogo fresco e asciutto lontano dalla luce, dopo l’apertura conservare in frigorifero tra 0° 4°C e consumare entro 4 giorni

Indirizzo e ragione sociale: Sarl Atelier Patrick Font, 1430 Chemin de l'Oiseau   42800 Saint Romain en Jarez Francia

Certificazione biologica: FR-BIO-01, agricoltura UE/NON UE


Gli ingredienti che contengono allergeni sono evidenziati in GRASSETTO.

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