Mariola Salami

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Mariola salami is made using noble parts of Italian pig and it is stuffed into the intestine, which ensures a long curing period (traditionally one year) while keeping the meat soft inside. Because of its wide and irregular size, of the characteristic flavor and of a very long curing period, Mariola is often the salami of the Christmas holidays.

What makes Mariola Salami special?

Because of the aging period, it shows the classic tear when cut, a sign of great nobility for overaged salami. On the nose it is musky, complex, lightly spicy, with a pleasant mushroom note. In the mouth it is melting, savory, somewhat astringent, with a very long aftertaste.

It's a cured meat traditionally produced during the winter time using Italian pigs, salt, black pepper, and spices, to which white wine and garlic are adde for extra flavor.







500 gr

The Company

A small workshop in Diolo di Soragna where everything the pig has to offer is produced. The artisanal production process strictly follows the Consortium's specifications and the aging process takes place in humid and ventilated cellars, typical of the Parma lowlands, where it develops unmistakable flavors and aromas.

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