Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce

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Cherry tomatoes are a small variety of tomato that is named for its shape which resembles a cherry. Bright and sweet, they have a thin, snappy peel and a very juicy center.

Tenuta Chiaramonte produces organic tomato sauces following ancient Sicilian traditions. A triumph of taste and scents of fresh tomatoes, as if just picked, enclosed in a bottle of tomato sauce.

What makes Chiaramonte products special?

All of Chiaramonte's ingredients are km 0 and organic because they come from the estate they own, or from Sicilian crops. The sun, earth and air of our Sicily allow us to bring the highest quality and taste to the table. The strong link with the territory and the freshness of the raw materials give life to a seasonal product with unsurpassed organoleptic characteristics, able to give personality, flavor and uniqueness to every dish.


Sicily ITALY


Organic tomato sauce


1 bottle (660 gr)

The attachment to their roots, production rigor and passion that animate Tenuta Chiaramonte are the result of the agricultural culture of Sicily and the Hyblean land in particular, which boasts a millennia-old tradition of olive oil production, started by Greek settlers and later performed by the Arabs. The company, with its extensive olive groves and modern oil mill, is located in the sunny countryside of Ragusa, among hills that slope toward the sea and dry stone walls that have become a World Heritage Site.

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