Oyster Fine de Claire Marennes Oleron N° 2x12

Pack 12 pieces of size 2 - 100 gr approx.
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Fine de Claire Oysters have a very important flesh (13-16% of their weight), they are characterized by an iodized and tasty flavor, with an intense nutty final taste. This characteristic is due to the cold and calm waters of Marennes Olèron.
Its lingering taste, which makes it one of the best concave oysters in the world, is due to a food that oysters have a sweet tooth for: marine phytoplankton.

What makes Daniel Sorlut oysters special?

Daniel Sorlut Oysters are bivalve mollusks that have been bred for centuries in a unique ecosystem on France's Charente-Maritime coast, in large natural pools with shallow waters rich in nutritious algae. Sorlut oysters are recognizable by their unique, delicate, melt-in-your-mouth texture-the result of multiple checks and tests throughout their growing process, during which the oysters must meet strict quality standards.

Marennes, FRANCE

Daniel Sorlut Concave Oysters - Crassostrea Gigas

Pack of 12 oysters

The Company
Daniel Sorlut since 1930 has been a family business now consecrated internationally thanks to Laura Sorlut, 3rd generation and granddaughter of Daniel who, with her resourcefulness, has managed to make their oysters a true cult in Spain, with many renowned chefs as customers and even several stands in the main Spanish fish markets.

Ingredients: Concave OYSTERS (Crassostrea Gigas)

Method of production: Raised in France and Community Europe

These animals must be alive at the time of purchase

Net weight: 100 gr x 12 pieces

Method of production: raised in France and other countries
These animals must be alive at the time of purchase
Business name and address: Sorlut Daniel 17 Bourcefranc
EC stamp: FR 17.058.041 EC

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