Parmesan and Tomato Croquettes

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Tasty croquettes characterized by an internal creaminess that contrasts with the crispy breadcrumbs: these are the reasons that make these "croquetas" a 100% Iberian sensory experience.

Chef's Advice

If you already defrosted the croquettes, fry them in oil at 180°C for 1.30 min; whereas if the product is still frozen, fry in oil at 180°C for 2.30min.

In both cases, let stand for 2.30min and then serve.

What makes this appetizer special?

The filling is one of the most important points in cooking croquetas as it is the basic element: eating a croquette with a silky and velvety béchamel really makes a difference in a quality tapa.

The second aspect is the breadcrumbs, and Senén's trick is the use of thick, coarse "homemade" breadcrumbs that, when fried, bring that point of crunchiness that is essential for a gourmet result.


Vitoria SPAIN


Parmesan and Tomato Croquettes


42 pieces, frozen

La Cocina de Senén, a Basque company where the study and application of new culinary concepts have led to the creation of dehydrated vegetable foils, a 100% natural, tasty and healthy product that started as the main ingredient for the elaboration of an innovative Mediterranean sushi and then extended to a multitude of crispy snacks and different pasta recipes. These are all creations born in the Sagartoki restaurant that have collected the most prestigious gastronomic awards, such as the "Egg Pintxos," elected best tapas in Spain for two consecutive years.

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