Pecorino Toscano Sheep’s Milk Cheese (Tuscany)

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Fresh Pecorino Toscano PDO is a sheep's milk cheese with a mild and delicate flavor: it is produced throughout the regional territory of Tuscany plus a few municipalities in Umbria, but production is mainly concentrated in Maremma. Since it does not undergo any prior aging by the producer, it arrives at the Guffanti Refinement Cellars fresh: here it will remain for at least 60 days, so that it takes on more depth organoleptically and structure on tasting.

This cheese is one of the most famous Italian cheeses, used especially for the very famous cacio e pepe pasta and all dishes from Rome in particular. The strong taste makes it perfect for traditional dishes that includes meat and sauces.

  • Milk: Sheep
  • Type: Hard cheese
  • Texture: Grainy
  • Rind: Natural
  • Color: Straw yellow
  • Flavor: Sweet, savory
  • Aroma: Natural, of fresh sheep'smilk




Fresh Pecorino Toscano


500 g

When great-grandfather Luigi Guffanti began aging Gorgonzola in 1876, his genius intuition was the purchase of an abandoned silver mine in Valganna, in the province of Varese. Five generations have passed, the attention to the artisanal quality of the cheese product and the passion for careful ripening continue to characterize the Guffanti-Fiori family, consolidated to this day as one of the best ripeners in the world.

Ingredienti: LATTE di pecora, sale, caglio, fermenti lattici autoctoni.
Origine del latte: Italia
Conservare a: +2 - +6°C
Condizioni d’uso: crosta non edibile ricoperta da pellicola protettiva
Valori nutrizionali medi per 100 g: energia 1597 kJ/ 385 kcal, grassi 32,4 g, di cui acidi grassi saturi 20,2 g, carboidrati 1,6 g, di cui zuccheri 0 g, proteine 21,8 g, sale 1,7 g
Luigi Guffanti s.r.l. Via Milano 140 28041 Arona (NO) Italia
CE 01 351 IT
Gli ingredienti che contengono allergeni sono evidenziati in GRASSETTO

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