Pistacchiotto 200gr

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Pistacchiotto is a chocolate that recalls gianduiotto, a great classic of Piedmontese chocolate making, but with a substantial innovation: pistachio instead of hazelnut. This reinterpretation is the result of the collaboration between Pariani, which supplies its Sicilian pistachio paste, and Barbero, which mixes it with a skilful blend of white chocolate. The result is an amuse-bouche with an intense, exotic and absolutely new taste.

The Company

Pariani is a family business that began its activity in 2010 with the production of Hazelnut Oil made exclusively with "Piedmont Hazelnuts" P.G.I. From the immediate success of the hazelnut oil among professionals in the sector, the entire range of strictly Italian nut oils was born. The Pariani range was then expanded and completed with semi-finished products for ice cream, including pastes, flours, grains, candied fruit, essences and special ingredients.




Pistacchiotto Chocolate


200 gr

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