Pitted Olives

Size 620 gr
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Taggiasca Olives are bright, soft and crisp, with a distinctive sweet and lovable flavor. The perfect ingredient for every Italian aperitivo, because Italians love olives so much that they could put them even in cocktails such as for the famous Martini.

Pitted olives are very easy to use: they can be added to the classic tomato salad, used to flavor meat sauces and roasts, added as a decoration or to add flavor to omelettes and they are the perfect finishing touch for all types of bruschettas.

What makes Terre Taggiasche olives special?

Taggiasca olives are full of flavor, soft but crunchy, with a distinctive mildly bitter taste. After being harvested and carefully selected, the olives are washed, de-stemmed and calibrated, and then added to the brine consisting only of water and salt. When they are ready, they are pitted and covered with extra virgin olive oil.




Pitted Olives


620 gr

The company is dedicated to the cultivation of the Taggiasca olive variety in the territory of Gazzelli, Imperia, in Italy’s Liguria region. The area has a long tradition in the production of Taggiasca olives, variety known all over the world for its characteristics and for its exceptional versatility in the kitchen. The production cycle is carried out entirely on the farm, from cultivation to processing. In fact, the company boasts its own oil mill, among the most modern in Liguria. Terre Taggiasche is very attentive to environmental aspects, with renewable energy sources and production systems that help bring the environmental impact to zero.

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