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In 2011, renowned chef Senén González achieved his goal of opening the “La Cocina de Senén” company, founded with a single goal: to bring the most famous products of the Sagartoki Restaurant and make them known all over the world. The Sagartoki Restaurant was named the best Pintxos and Tapas bar in Spain between 2005 and 2009 thanks to its innovative character and to chef Senén González’s passion for fusion cuisine full of colors, flavors and delicious combinations.

With the chef's critical eye and, above all, with his keen understanding of the needs of professional kitchens, chef Senén González began from the most important aspect: the selection of the raw material. From Alavesa Monalisa potatoes, to Basque eggs, to the oil used in the preparations and even the bread with which the croquettes are prepared: all “0 km” raw materials that pass through strict quality controls.

With his Mediterranean sushi, Chef Senén Gonzále was able to brilliantly take a dish of Japanese origin and combine the typical flavors of Spain and of his region, the Basque Country. A healthy and innovative product that offers an infinite range of applications: from sushi to crunchy compositions and even fresh pasta.

The incredible innovation in having reshaped traditional vegetables such as spinach, bell peppers and carrots by originally offering them in thin colored sheets full of flavor, have made Chef Senén Gonzále a true guru of Iberian gastronomy. A perfect and versatile ally, where the only limit is the chef’s imagination!

Using the product

Sushi - Cut the sheet in half lengthwise and place with the glossy side upwards. The sheet moistens when it comes into contact with rice. Wet the end of the sheet to seal and close the roll.

Vegetable pasta - Spray the surface of the sheet with water so that it becomes sticky and wait a few moments before separating it Attach two sheets together on the glossy side to obtain a thicker sheet. Cut the attached sheets to give them the desired vegetable pasta shape (spaghetti, tagliolini, lasagna, etc.) IMPORTANT: do not cook the “pasta”.

Filled pasta - Spray the surface of the sheet with water so that it becomes sticky and wait a few moments before separating it. It is recommended to use fillings that are not too humid. The heat and humidity of the sauces used will ensure the desired consistency. IMPORTANT: do not cook the “pasta”.

Fried - Drop the sheets in a fryer at 170 °C for 5 to 10 seconds, dry them quickly using absorbent kitchen paper and shape them immediately into the desired shape then wait for them to cool down.

Oven-baked - Spray the sheets with oil, place them in the oven at 105-150 °C for 5 to 10 seconds, shape the sheets as soon as you have taken them out of the oven into the desired shape then wait for them to cool down.

The company

La Cocina de Senén is a Basque company in which the research and application of new culinary concepts has led to the invention of dehydrated vegetable sheets: a 100% natural, tasty and healthy product originally conceived as the main ingredient for the preparation of an innovative Mediterranean sushi and later adapted in an endless number of crispy snacks and original pasta recipes. All of these creations were developed in Chef Senén Gonzále’s Sagartoki Restaurant and have been recognized with some of the most prominent gastronomical awards, such as the signature “Egg Pintxos” selected as the best tapas in Spain for two consecutive years.


Vitoria, SPAIN


Potato Sheets


Bag of 10 sheets


Ingredients: potatoes (99%), salt, starch pectin, potato starch and glycerine

Storage mode: Store the sheets in the sealed ZIP pack, in a cool, dry place

Average nutritional values per 100 g: energy 1313 kJ / 314 kcal, fat <0.1 g, of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g, carbohydrates 71 g, of which sugars <0.5 g, proteins 6.6 g, salt 1.32 g.

Company name and address: Taller de pichos y tapas s.l.u. alberca vjeja 2, 01001 vitoria, Spain

Ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in BOLD.

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Ingredients: potatoes (99%), salt, pedina Amidata, potato starch and glycerin

Modalit & agrave; Conservation: Store the foils in the sealed zip pack, in a cool, dry place

Medium nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy 1313 kj / 314 kcal, fat <0,1g, of which saturated fatty acids <0.1g, carbohydrates 71g, of which sugars <0.5g, protein 6.6g, salt 1 , 32g.

Name and company name: Taller de pichos y tapas s.l.u. Alberca Vjeja 2, 01001 Vitoria Spain

The ingredients that contain allergens are highlighted in bold

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