Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In Italy, olive oils are distinguished by irreplicable terroir and careful craft processes. The Sicilian terroir and Pianogrillo are distinguished by the spicy notes of the exceptional EVO oil, ideal for adding a gourmet touch to your dishes.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy

EVO oil, which stands for extra virgin olive oil, is a staple product in the Mediterranean diet. It is obtained from the pressing of healthy olives, still picked from the tree. The process of extracting the oil is completely natural. No chemical additives of any kind are used, unlike virgin olive oil. Longino & Cardenal has selected a top-quality Sicilian oil from the Chiaramonte company and the Centumbrie oil from Umbria.

Longino's catalog is rich in interesting and tasty olive oil, great for cooking your favorite ingredients or as a condiment to enhance the flavors. Discover our full range, choose the perfect olive oil and receive your order in the comfort of your home in Hong Kong.

The taste of Sicily in an oil

Tenuta Chiaramonte, the Sicilian olive oil company has a strong attachment to its roots, it's the passion that animates the production. The agricultural culture of Sicily has a millenary tradition of olive oil production, started by Greek settlers and then carried on by the Arabs.

The estate is located in the sunny countryside of Ragusa, among hills that slope toward the sea and dry stone walls that have become a World Heritage Site. Tenuta Chiaramonte produces Sicilian extra virgin olive oils, including two PDO and one PGI, which excel in high quality and characteristics that have also been recognized and awarded in prestigious international competitions.

The oils, in their four versions, are bottled with very special artistic labels, which feature reproductions of the typical masks of Ragusa Baroque. Here's the four versions:

  • Il Distinto: this oil is characterized by a medium fruitiness, with balanced notes of bitterness and spiciness, a deep green color.
  • Il Galante: this oil is distinguished by its medium fruity aroma with herbaceous sensation and green color; bitter and spicy notes.
  • L'Amabile: this is a blend dedicated to the most delicate palates, it has a green color tending to yellow, a light fruitiness with slight notes of bitterness and spiciness.
  • Il Primizio: this is a balanced oil, with medium ripe fruitiness and medium notes of bitterness and spiciness.

Umbria Oil: a sensory journey

Between the olive tree and umbria there is an unbreakable bond made by human beings, lands and cultivars. Centumbrie's great passion led to an organic olive oil production, with the utmost respect for the environment and the consumer.

Centumbrie catalog consists of four different typologies:

  • Centoleum: an extra virgin olive oil that allows pairings with less structured dishes, as it is made from more mature italian olives that give a more delicate and rounded oil.
  • PDO Centumbrie Umbria: it's one of the highest level, with complexity and elegance. This oil is characterized by savory bitter and spicy notes.
  • Dolce Agogia: this oil gives the privilege of tasting an extra virgin olive oil with strong historical values. This is a very interesting oil, to pair with game, grilled white meats, fish and shellfish.