Purple Mustard

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Purple Mustard is a particular type of sweet mustard, originally from France: an original and flavorful product, it is also characterized by a delicate pungent note. Its purple color is due to the fact that it is made from grape must, instead of vinegar.

It is likely the oldest type of mustard produced in France, from which the name “mustard” also derives: mustard, in fact, was originally known as “moût-ardent”, in reference to grape must, which over time was gradually replaced by vinegar.

The story of Longino & Cardenal started with the intuition of four young man, who shared a common passion for haute cuisine and food. The company’s activity dates back to when they first decided to import fresh caviar from Iran, to resell it to restaurants and specialized food shops.

And so a fictional name is invented: Longino, a Swiss nobleman and Cardenal, a Cuban fisherman. United by a shared passion for quality food, they decide to travel together in search of the finest specialties around the world.

Discovery is what makes the difference between connoisseurs. This is the very essence of Longino & Cardenal: the company’s ability to discover rare and precious foods and to place this rich discovery at the service of some of the most demanding professionals and gourmands in the world.

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Ingredienti: Mosto d'uva, semi e semi di SENAPE, acqua, vino rosso*, aceto di alcool, sale, spezie.

*Contiene SOLFITI

Modalità di conservazione: Conservare a temperatura ambiente, una volta aperto conservare in frigorifero

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100 g: energia 629 kJ/ 150 kcal, grassi 3,7 g, di cui acidi grassi saturi 1,9 g, carboidrati 21 g, di cui zuccheri 19 g, proteine 2,5 g, sale 3,6 g

Ragione sociale e indirizzo: DENOIX Maîtres Liquoristes depuis 1839
9, boulevard du Maréchal Lyautey – 19100 Brive-La-Gaillarde

Gli allergeni presenti tra gli ingredienti del prodotto sono evidenziati in GRASSETTO

Le indicazioni dei prodotti fornite potrebbero variare per modifiche effettuate da parte dei produttori che potrebbero temporaneamente causare variazioni tra le informazioni presenti sul sito e quelle riportate sui prodotti che vengono consegnati. Vi invitiamo quindi a verificare le informazioni riportate sull’etichetta o sul pack del prodotto (ove siano previste) prima di consumarlo o di utilizzarlo

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