Raw Milk Butter With Salt Crystals

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Raw milk butter with salt crystals is another great trademark of the Beillevaire company. The milk is always unpasteurized, sourced from local French cows, and processed in wooden churns, to which salt is added, another French excellence, namely Noirmountier's Fior di Sale: harvested in nearby Normandy and characterized by its shape in small crystals, its opaque white color and a slightly milder salting power than regular salt.

Unlike salted salt, the salt is added once the buttering process is finished, so that the butter has a crisp texture on the palate. It is therefore recommended to use it not for cooking (in this way, the salt would join the butter, losing the peculiarity of crunchiness) , but for spreading.
Butter is the staple of French cuisine: first courses, main courses, desserts even more so if the butter is made from raw milk, such as that of Beillevaire. In France it is a real cult for example, all AOP Appellation d'Origine Protégée cheeses must be strictly raw milk. But why is raw milk so essential to the production of high-quality dairy products? The reason is the strong link between territory and finished product (butters, cream, cheeses, etc.), in fact The milk retains all the taste and aroma of the territory, a reflection of what the cows eat.

Machecoul FRANCE

Salted raw milk butter, croquant

125 g packet, fresh

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Ingredients: raw MILK cream, Noirmountier salt crystals 2.8%, milk enzymes (MILK).
Origin of milk: France
Fat matter: 80%.
Store at: +4 to +6°C
Average nutritional values per 100 g: energy 2989 kJ/727 kcal, fat 80 g, of which saturated fatty acids 54 g, carbohydrates 1.0 g, of which sugars 0.5 g, protein 0.7 g, salt 2.8 g.
Beillevaire 44270 Machecoul st Meme France
FR 44.087.001 CE
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