Spanish Suckling Lamb Shoulder

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The shoulder of the suckling lamb is one of the most valued parts of the lechazo. Lechazo, or Castilla y León suckling lamb, comes from the Castellana, Churra and Ojalada breeds of lamb. The Ojalada breeds are the only ones highly specialized in producing very high quality suckling lambs.

The meat of the suckling lamb has a pearly white or pale pink color and is very tender and juicy. The flavor is rich, pleasant and natural, characteristics also enhanced by its delicate smell.

Chef's Advice

Lechazo has an exquisite meat, much appreciated by the most discerning gourmet palates. The lamb shoulder offers multiple cooking possibilities such as roasted in the oven with potatoes, baked in foil or pan-fried after a delicate marinade. It is a very versatile product that leaves no one indifferent.

What makes Castilla y León suckling lamb special?

The region of Castilla y León is characterized by a particular altitude; 66.5 percent of its surface area lies between 600 and 1,000 meters above sea level. This characteristic gives rise to a soil that, in perfect harmony with the climate, is able to offer an excellent quality of life for the animals and favors a unique breeding system and a highly desired end product, namely the "Lechazo de Castilla y León."

Dairy lambs are fed exclusively on their mother's milk and must be slaughtered between 25-30 days after birth, when they reach between 5 and 7 kg.




Suckling lamb


500 g approx.

MASA is a family-owned company that specializes in the meat industry, particularly in the dairy lamb and kid sector. Thanks to its long history and the three generations that have carried the company forward over time, HERMANOS MASA offers an end product of the highest quality. The company is located in northern Spain, an area renowned for its excellent climate, pastures and noble breeds that are raised in this area.

Origine: Spagna

carne di agnello da latte

Modalità di conservazione: conservare a 0 – 5°C

Ragione sociale e indirizzo: Hermanos Masa, Poligono Industrial Los Brezos C/o San Miguel 15, 09197 Villalbilla de Burgos

Bollo ce: ES 10.15557/BU CE

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