Tuna in Oil

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A gastronomic experience of the highest level thanks to Hijos de José Serrats, a company that has been preserving fish for more than a century, producing excellent tuna in oil still exclusively by hand, artisanally as it once was. Tuna in oil with white meat characterized by an excellent texture and a flavorful, perfect and extremely delicate flesh on the palate.

The "Bonito del Norte" is the white tuna, very common in the Mediterranean Sea. It is almost always found in the high seas and is purchased by Serrats in the summer season, when after long migrations the tuna feeds on sardines, anchovies and mollusks.

How is Serras tuna in oil produced?

The first step in the preservation process is the selection of the best and freshest fish, directly from boats returning from the Bay of Biscay in northern Spain. After the selection process, the fish are quickly transferred to the production area where they are double-checked to make sure they meet the freshness and high quality standards expected by the company and then sorted according to size.

The tuna are cleaned by hand and cooked at a temperature of 98ºC for about 3 hours. After being set to cool, the fish is trimmed and stripped of skin, bones, and excess fat. A second cleaning process removes any dark spots that may have remained after cooking, and at this point the fillets and belly are separated.

Once these perfect pieces of fish have been carefully arranged in boxes or glass jars, they are then coated with a high-quality olive oil. The process ends with one of the most important steps, the sterilization of the fish. The boxes or jars are heated to between 118 ºC and 121 ºC for a period of time depending on the size and type of package.


Bermeo, SPAIN


White tuna in olive oil


320 gr (drained 210 gr)

Hijos de José Serrats' products are processed following a rigorous and careful artisanal process that guarantees fish preserves of exceptional quality. Serrats' tuna is highly recognizable, with a meat that is much more flavorful, delicate, tender, and above all, whiter than other canned tuna.

Nome del prodotto: tonno bianco (Thunnus alalunga) in olio d'oliva

Ingredienti: TONNO BIANCO, olio d'oliva, sale

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g: energia 973 kJ / 233 kcal, grassi 13,9g, di cui acidi grassi saturi 2,4g, carboidrati 0g, di cui zuccheri 0g, proteine 26,9g, sale 0,8g
Peso netto: 320 g peso netto sgocciolato: 210 g

Indirizzo e ragione sociale: Hijos de Josè; serrats, s.a. Pol Landabaso 3B 48370 Bermeo Spagna

Timbro CE: ES 12.00179 / BI CE

Gli ingredienti che contengono allergeni sono evidenziati in GRASSETTO.

Etichetta del prodotto: le informazioni specifiche relative ai prodotti possono variare a causa di modifiche apportate dai produttori, che potrebbero temporaneamente portare a una discrepanza tra le informazioni disponibili sul sito web e quelle visualizzate sui prodotti consegnati. Vi invitiamo pertanto a controllare due volte le informazioni riportate sull'etichetta del prodotto o sulla confezione prima di consumarlo o utilizzarlo.

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