Unico di Valliera Cheese 2 months

Weight 275 gr approx.
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Unico is a soft and elastic cheese, straw-colored and with well-distributed fine eyes. After breaking, the curd is not cooked so it is a raw cheese and processed at 37°C. The rind is thin and mouldy with a grey color.

The 60-day cheese is sweet and lactic in flavor with a buttery texture.

  • Milk: Raw cow's milk
  • Type: Soft
  • Texture: Buttery
  • Rind: Thin mouldy grey color
  • Color: Straw yellow
  • Taste: Intense, of fresh cow's milk
  • Aroma: Milky

The Des Martins were ten families from a small remote hamlet in the Cuneo area, called Valliera, which was in a state of complete abandonment before the amazing transformation by these families. In fact, this magnificent little village attracted the attention of a group of friends in 2007, eager to breathe new life into the hamlet. Thus, the small buildings of wood and stone, perched on the steep slope, were transformed from ruins into dwellings, preserving the ancient mountain architecture thanks to the precious wisdom of the Des Martins. After a handful of years, with a lot of work, the families fulfilled their desire, giving life to the hamlet of Valliera with a new outlook and a very ancient vocation: the place of production of the best Castelmagno d'alpeggio ever.

The Company

Born out of necessity for those who remained isolated in the high mountains, but which immediately became noble at the end of the 1200s, Castelmagno is a particular cheese, with a crumbly texture and a beautiful pearly white color, with a persistent aroma and flavor reminiscent of the flowers and herbs of the high pastures. Des Martin carries on this tradition in its extremely rare D.O.P. "mountain pasture" version, produced exclusively from raw milk, milked and processed in the area, above 1000 m above sea level and only between May and October, all to ensure a product of the highest quality and unmistakable flavor.


Valliera ITALY


Vacuum-packed of about 250 g

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Ingredients: Raw MILK, ferments, rennet, salt.

Milk origin: Italy

Keep at: +4 - +6°C

Valliera Società Agricola ss Production and headquarters Frazione Valliera, 54

12020 Castelmagno (CN)


Ingredients containing allergens are highlighted in BOLD.

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