Valentine's Day Herb Mix

Size 10 gr approx.
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Thomas Spornberger doesn't weigh herbs, flowers and mixes - he counts them. Yes, the Alpin Herbs packages are quantity-based. Each box contains only a precise number of the best, most tender and fresh tips. All of them are cut by Thomas, his mother and their three employees, strictly by hand with scissors that resemble those used for manicures. As soon as the order is received, they go to the greenhouse and pick what is requested, to ship it immediately the same day.

The merit was to revolutionize the cultivation process by shifting the attention from the rhythms of the soil to those marked by the succession of courses on a restaurant table. Thomas is able to program which and how many plants to produce, based on the demands and needs of each individual chef. Guaranteeing maximum customization and flexibility of the product.

The Company

Alpin Herbs herbs and flowers are produced in the Alps of South Tyrol. The passion for rediscovering new and old flavors has led Alpin Herbs to have an unparalleled assortment. All products are harvested by hand and packaged in a very short time, with a shelf life of 10 days.



Product label the indications on the information provided on the products may vary due to changes made by the producers that may temporarily cause variations between the information on the site and that reported on the products that are delivered. We therefore invite you to check the information on the label or on the product pack before consuming or using it.

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Nome scientifico: Salvia elegans, Begonia semperflorens, Viola cornuta, viola wittrockiana, Mentha spp. Disponibilità: tutto l’anno. Raccolto a mano. Peso: 5 x 10 g Volume: 5 x 250 ml Modalità di conservazione: conservare in luogo fresco a 5-7°C fino a 10 giorni Prodotto e confezionato: da Alpin Herbs azienda agricola SAS, via Termeno 12, 39040 Ora (BZ)
Gli ingredienti che contengono allergeni sono evidenziati in MAIUSCOLO. Le indicazioni dei prodotti fornite potrebbero variare per modifiche effettuate da parte dei produttori che potrebbero temporaneamente causare variazioni tra le informazioni presenti sul sito e quelle riportate sui prodotti che vengono consegnati. Vi invitiamo quindi a verificare le informazioni riportate sull’etichetta o sul pack del prodotto (ove siano previste) prima di consumarlo o di utilizzarlo

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