Dried Mixed Flowers

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This petal mix consists of cornflower, marigold, sunflower and rose petals. To provide a wide range of possibilities for decorating your dishes with color.

Chef's Advice

Petals are great to use in cocktails, they can be distilled to make an aromatic water or reactivated in infusions for fish marinades. Dried petals go well with game or on fine caviar snacks.

What makes Ordine Contadino flowers and herbs special?

The flowers and herbs are hand-picked and within minutes brought to the drying rooms and placed on frames. The company practices natural drying by dehumidifying the air, without increasing the ambient temperature. The herbs, first defoliated, and dried flowers are placed in paper bags to be stored at controlled humidity and temperature. This process, combined with the chemical/physical/organic characteristics of the soil and the climatic value of the place (Temperature excursion/Solar exposure/Altitude) leads to a dried product with high concentration of essential oils and high color yield over time.


Cembra Valley - Trentino - Italy


Dried Petal Mix


10 g

Ordine Contadino was born in Gresta, a mountain village in the province of Trento, in northern Italy, where there is an atmosphere of detachment from reality but at the same time everything is part of a unique natural landscape. For Ordine Contadino, the land is the exclusive element of wealth, rediscovering primitive food. Ordine Contadino's research is aimed at activating dull spaces by traversing nature to create a new balance. Listening to the stories of the inhabitants served the understanding of the place: redeveloping the landscape as an improvement intervention, but also to revive the spirit of the place and the inhabitants and revive old traditions.

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