Pasta with fresh red tuna tartare and dehydrated capers

In this delicious recipe, chefs Giorgio and Rodrigo of Longino & Cardenal show us how to prepare pasta with fresh red tuna and dehydrated capers quickly and easily. The pasta, enriched by the intense flavor of red tuna and the crunchiness of capers, comes together in a perfect combination of flavors. With this recipe, you can bring to the table a refined and light fish dish, ideal for an elegant lunch or dinner. Giorgio and Rodrigo guide us step by step through the preparation, providing valuable tips and tricks to achieve a perfect result. Whether you are an experienced cook or a beginner, this recipe for pasta with fresh red tuna and dehydrated capers is definitely worth trying. Watch the video and be inspired by Longino & Cardenal's passion and creativity.

Pasta with red tuna tartare and dehydrated capers - easy and delicious!

Level: Easy

Time: 20 minutes

Serves: 4 people

Ingredients for 4 people

  • Tagliolini 240 g
  • Red tuna 200 g
  • Raw milk butter 50 g
  • lemon flavored olive oil 8 spoons
  • Dehydrated capers to taste


  • Cook the tagliolini for 3-4 minutes

  • In a pan, create a cream with cooking water and butter

  • Dice the red tuna and season with salt, wild pepper and evo oil

  • Mix the tagliolini with butter, add chives and top with Sicilian lemon oil

  • Plate by placing the tartare on top of the tagliolini and sprinkle with the dehydrated capers

February 20, 2023