Premium Purple Prawn Tartare 100 gr

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The Mazara del Vallo Purple Shrimp is a crustacean native to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. Very similar to the red shrimp, it is characterized by a lighter coloration with blue and purple shades.

The outer shell that protects the shrimp is thinner than in the red shrimp, and the upper part above the head has 3 teeth (as opposed to 5 in the red shrimp). It is a very rare crustacean that lives in very deep seabeds, up to 1,500 meters: very popular in all traditional Mediterranean cuisines, it is recommended, as with red shrimp, to eat it raw.

The practicality of Don Gambero's "Ready to Use" Line: defrosting the product will only take about ten minutes in cold water, after which it is enough to extract the purple shrimp tartare, which will have retained all its freshness.

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